Friday, October 22, 2010

Inter-Foundation Class 1

Ok, so I’m back! You may or may not be wondering where I went. Well to be honest I didn’t really go anywhere, but last week the time my ballet class was supposed to be was changed temporarily from Wednesday night to Thursday night and because of work I was not able to go and then I found out that the Saturday class that I was supposed to go to starts 15 minuets after I started work! So no ballet for me last week and because I was feeling so depressed by that I didn’t update, instead I made cupcakes! They were raspberry with really thick butter cream icing and a whole raspberry on top! No wonder I gained weight during the holidays.
So anyway, I was able to go to class last night and there were 4 people in it! Which id a big steep up for me because so far I have only been doing private classes. So there was, besides me, two 12 year old girls (both of whom were extremely friendly, nice, and have WAY too much energy) and a 40 year old woman... who started ballet when she was 18! Whoooo! Another late starter! She was nice too but more of a wall flower then the others though.
Class was really good. We all got there early and had time to stretch and get to know each other before class started. It was kinda funny the 4 of us all just walked over the barre simultaneously and lifted our left legs onto it and started stretching without a word to each other. We also compared our splits at one point in the class and guess what... mine is better then one of the 12 year olds! Oh and while we were stretching found out that everyone else is already en pointe which sucks for me.
So class started out as normal with plies and simple things like that but 10 minuets into the barre we started doing things I have never heard of before. There were still some things that I kinda knew what they were but most of the things I had no clue. Oh and about half way through centre we were supposed to do a pirouette combination across the floor... the only problem with that was that I have never been taught to do a pirouette before, so instead of joining in with the others my teacher pulled me aside and started to teach me the basics of how to do a pirouette.
Class was supposed to only be an hour but the other girls wanted to do a pointe class straight after my class ended, my teacher invited me to stay and do the 30 minuet class in flats but because I had already organised a ride before class I had to go, but I did ask my teacher what her requirements for going en pointe were and although she didn’t tell me exactly what they were she said that at the end of the year she will assess me and see if I am ready for pointe!!!!!!! YAY!!!! I know she may say that I am not ready but still... it is something to look forward to.
I think that is all for today, class is on Wednesday next week so I will try to update in the later part of the week...
Until next time,


  1. Hey. I find your blog really interesting as I'm a 18 year old ballet beginner and have been thinking about pointe in the distant future. How many classes do you take a week? What kind of barre work do you do and have you started any routines? I'd love to know more about what you're teacher said about going en pointe as I feel like it would be really audacious for me to ask mine! Thank you :)