Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Once upon a time, long long ago.... I started Ballet

Hello everybody! Well it has been forever since I have been on here, truth be told I had actually forgotten that I had this account in the first place. Well as some of you have probably guesses I have taken a break from ballet... well it has been just over a year since my last ballet class but it has been even longer since I posted on here.

I guess the main reason that I stopped posting on here is because I started getting negative comments on DDN and that affected my feelings towards this blog. So after my last post on here (which was my first ever class in Inter-foundation 1) I continued dancing until about March 2011 when I was about a month into a patisserie course that I had decided to take so that I could get a job that I could be happy and completely fulfilled in.

When I started this course I didn’t think that it would interfere with my life much, but with it being on the other side of town and the hours I was forced not only to give up my beloved ballet classes but to cut back my shifts at work to Sundays, meaning that even if I had the time to go to class I could no longer afford it.

But before I was forced to leave my classes I did manage to get approved for pointe! I know right! It was only a basic introduction to pointe aka rolling up onto pointe at the barre and basic stretching exercises. I was approved for pointe right at the end of the year and went out and got my pointe shoes over the Christmas break and got in a couple of months of pointe before I left. It was hard work and my toes killed me but I have to say it was some of the best time I had in a ballet class!

Oh and I also bought a car! Yay me! So now that I have just finished my course and I am just starting to pick up more shifts at work I am going to go back to my old studio and see if they will take me back! It may take me a month to save enough money and get back into the right mind frame to dance, it might take longer than that but I plan to get back into ballet!

So until then I am going to leave you some photos of what I have been doing since I last posted and I hope that it will not be too long before I can tell you what I have been doing in class again!



This is a show piece that I made for class... and it is completely made from chocolate!

One days hard work from a team of 16 patissiers in the making!

My first ever attempt at a gingerbread house

for some reason these are the only photos i could find of me in my pointe shoes

my home town at about 6:30am

our cakes day, each student had to make 2 types of cake, and 4 cakes of each type in 2 days then we sold them to the public for morning tea.

my home town at around 7am a week before the other photo... but before daylight saving time kicked in