Thursday, August 26, 2010

Class number three and buying my first leotard

So last night was class number three and let’s just say that I am still tired from it. I can tell that I am getting better at the barre and I hope that my coordination is getting better in the centre. Oh, and some other news, my teacher said that next time she is going to start incorporating some grade 2 into my classes! Yay! At least I know that I am not totally stuffing everything up.

Ha ha I also went out yesterday before class and bought my first leotard. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was expecting a horror scene with tiny leotards and mega wedgies but I found one in my size and in the colour that the studio wanted me to get and although it did feel a little odd it fit well and the colour looks nice with my skin.

I think that is all I have to say for today, except that I do not have a class next week because of work but I might still update if inspiration strikes me and I decide to write another post.

Until next time,


Friday, August 20, 2010

Class no. 2 and it had to be cut short!

Hi again, It’s me your (hopefully) favourite 19 year old beginner! I wish I could say that I am posting on here straight from getting home from my second lesson... but I’m not. I had my class last night after a 5 hour shift working on checkouts and I was just tooo tired and then I had university all day today and this was the first chance I got to tell you all how it went!

Ok so I guess the first thing I should tell you all about is that because of work my class had to be cut back from an hour to three quarters of an hour because I finished work when I was supposed to start my class but my lovely teacher let me cut back my class time a little instead of cancelling my class all together.

So after turning up a little late and rushing to get into my tights and shorts (I don’t yet have a leo I should be getting one during the week) and already being warmed up but not stretched because of time we headed over to the barre and did some preparation for turnout exercises, plies, positions of the feet, tendus, preparation for pirouettes and preparation for arabesques (I also think we did coups and releves) we moved onto centre... this is where I find my coordination goes out the window.

I was all good and fine when we did position of the arms and head bus as soon as I started to move across the floor oh boy! My brain and feet refused to work together! Classical walks were ok and I was pretty good at tendus in the centre and prances but as soon as we got to the polka I was lost! Ha ha ha I am still not to sure how to do it!

But all in all I had a really good class. I remembered most things from last time and I was not shaking as much when going up on demi on rises and I got to lean some new things and my teacher printed off some barre sequences for me to do over the next week that she thinks I am ok enough to be practicing without her with me. I was going to ask her if some time in the future when I have gained enough strength and technique if she would consider putting me en Pointe but I ran out of time... do you think I should ask her next week?

And now to ask your help... any one got any tips for me to lean out my legs? I find I have a little trouble getting them together or moving a little because of the thickness of my legs. Also any good tips for stretching out my calf muscles they seem to be tight and hard to stretch. It would be nice if you have some tips to strengthen them too.

Until next week!

I just got out of my very first class!


I am new to and as the title shows Ballet! Tonight was my very first class in ballet and I have to say that I LOVE it! I am 19 years old and over weight and I had so much fun tonight! I was in a private class (because where I live there are no adult beginner classes and I have never done ballet before and I didn’t want to dance with 7 year olds and scare all the little kiddies haha. I did a little barre and some turnout exercises and then we did a little on jumps in the centre and the one main thing I discovered is that I am like a baby elephant! I was all over the place! I almost fell flat on my face at one point. But my teacher was great and didn’t care about my size or my lack of skill or grace and I cant wait until I go back next week and try to dance some more!
Thanks for reading and I would love to hear from you!

Well it the first day after my first ever ballet class (and my first post on here) and I am so thankful to the lovely people on here that have given me encouragement. Just to answer some of the questions and comments that have been said.
1) I am lucky to have private classes, although my bank account does not love it, so much money!
2) I am going to be going every Thursday night from next week onwards so I will probably put some updates on here for how I am going
3) My calves are killing me! lol they weren’t that bad when I got up this morning but when I walked to the bus stop I almost died hahaha
well I think that is all I have to say for now except for another big thanks and big hugs to all that replied I hope to hear from you all again soon!

Why I decided to start ballet

I know a lot of people that would think that I am at least a little mad for wanting to start ballet at the 19, let alone start up a blog about it. But I guess it is something that I have always wanted to do (ballet that is, I didn’t even think of doing a blog until one of my friends suggested it).

Ever since I was little I, like many other little girls dreamed of being a ballerina, standing up on a big stage in a tutu and on the tips of my toes and twirling around, but for me this dream never faded even when my mum told me that she could not afford to put me in ballet classes. I don’t know if my passion for dance ever went away completely but it faded a little as I started growing up and so many other things captured my attention, that is until I was 13.

In my first year of high school, it seamed like at least half of the girls in my year studied ballet and just like that I wanted to be like them and my passion for dance was reignited. But alas my family still could not afford for me to do classes and once again my dreams of dancing were once again put on the back burner.

It was not until I finished high school and started working my way towards a degree in art that I found my need to dance return. So at 17 with some money saved up I went in search of a studio that would take me. Little did I know that it would take me 2 years to find one. Where I live there is about 7 dance studios that offer ballet, but at the time no one was teaching adult/teen beginners and no one seemed to like the idea of me joining in with 7 year olds and at the time I could not afford private classes. My search did not stop in my local area, oh no, I looked everywhere and the only places I could find were an hours drive away and I don’t have a car!

So now, 2 years after I started the search for a studio, I have a job and make enough money for a 1 hour private class a week at my local studio which I started at 2 weeks ago. So you may be wondering why I am starting to blog about it? Well I am a member of a dance community called and after posting on there about my first 2 classes a friend of mine said that I should make it into a blog. So here it is!

I will post my original posts on here from and then, next week after my next class, I will be blogging either right after my class or the day after.

Until the next,