Thursday, September 9, 2010

Class 4, Grade 3 and Goals

So I had my 4th class last night, but because my usual teacher went into the hospital to have her knee re-done, I had class with one of the other ballet teachers at the studio instead.

When I first arrived my teacher was completely ready to go, usually when I get there my other teacher (because she is the owner of the studio) almost always has some problem to take care of, so I have time to stretch when I get there, but last night my new teacher was ready to go straight away so I can’t tell you how glad I was that I had warmed up and stretched before I left home.

When I told her what grade I was doing she seemed surprised and said that if I had started with her that she would have started me on at least grade 3. So instead of moving from grade 1 to grade 2 like I thought I was going to do, we stared on grade 3!

Oh My Merlin it was fun! A lot more work and a lot more complicated then grade 1 but it felt so good to by pushed. There were several new things that I learnt last night such as grand plie, attitude, grand battement, Développé and petite retire. There was probably more but I have forgotten ha ha ha. I think my favourite new exercise that I learnt was releve/echappe. We did them right at the end of class (we only did barre in class which I LOVED) and by that time I was exhausted! They were so fun though and I can still remember the combination! I will have to post another video soon to show you all.

Oh and my new teacher thinks that I have better turnout then her! Ha ha awesome! But she also told me that I really need to work on keeping my hips level and to not move them so much when doing some of the exercises. All in all it was a great class and I hope that I have this teacher again next week. Do you think it would be rude if I asked to have class with this new teacher every week?

Ok, so I have decided to set some goals for myself for while I am doing ballet. 1) Get on pointe – I know this seems like an obvious goal but it is something that I really want to do and I can only hope that my teacher will let me. 2) learn pas de deux – most people will be thinking ‘why?’ but I have always loved watching pas de deux and don’t care if I am not that good at it I just want to try, the only bad thing is that I don’t know if it is possible at my current studio. 3) Dance the tambourine variation from La Esmeralda – now this one I know will take forever to get to but I have been watching several different versions on youtube and have fallen in love with it, so even though it will take years, it’s on here.

These are all my long term goals. My short term goals are all like get stronger, get more flexible, loose weight, buy a ballet skirt (lol that last one should be done buy the end of the week but it is on here).

I didn’t realise until a girl on DDN brought it to my attention, that some people on here might not know how to leave a comment. To tell you the truth I didn’t either until I logged out and had a little play around. All you have to do is look in the column on the right hand side for archive section and click on the post that you want to comment on and the scroll down and you will see a comment box and away you go.

A big thankyou to all of you that have commented either here or on DDN, it lets me know that i am not just talking to myself and thank you for your kind words. Well that is all for now.

Until next time,



  1. Hey,
    I want to answer some of your questions:
    I’m a adult ballet beginner too. I started two years ago when I was 18 years old.

    In May I got the permission to start on pointe. ( I’m overweight too, so it’s also possible for you to start with pointe shoes if you are strong enough).

    If you like the second teacher more than the first one, you have to say that. It isn’t rude. you have to take the person you feel most comfortable with. And I also think you will progress more with the second teacher than the other.

    It’s good to have goals but don’t make them too big. I think you have 3 very big goals. And if you don’t reach them when wanted them to reach, you will stop. I would choose one, those you like the most. ( ad that is also achievable, i did’nt know the dance of esmeralda and i have just looked at youtube. It will take a long time before you Are that flexible to touch the tambourine above your head with your foot…)

    what i just said is my opinion , it can be that you think over it on a different way....

    keep dancing ( and writing)


    ( I’m sorry for my bad English. And also for the strange things my internet is doing .. )

  2. I saw your post on DDN and I think it's great you're starting ballet! I started Irish Dance when I was your age because it looked fun and I loved it. Now I've moved and I can't make it to, or can't find Irish dance classes for adults, so I just started ballet :) I've always wanted to try it and I've only had one class but I love it! I'm 29 now so it just goes to show you're never too old to start something you love :)