Friday, August 20, 2010

Why I decided to start ballet

I know a lot of people that would think that I am at least a little mad for wanting to start ballet at the 19, let alone start up a blog about it. But I guess it is something that I have always wanted to do (ballet that is, I didn’t even think of doing a blog until one of my friends suggested it).

Ever since I was little I, like many other little girls dreamed of being a ballerina, standing up on a big stage in a tutu and on the tips of my toes and twirling around, but for me this dream never faded even when my mum told me that she could not afford to put me in ballet classes. I don’t know if my passion for dance ever went away completely but it faded a little as I started growing up and so many other things captured my attention, that is until I was 13.

In my first year of high school, it seamed like at least half of the girls in my year studied ballet and just like that I wanted to be like them and my passion for dance was reignited. But alas my family still could not afford for me to do classes and once again my dreams of dancing were once again put on the back burner.

It was not until I finished high school and started working my way towards a degree in art that I found my need to dance return. So at 17 with some money saved up I went in search of a studio that would take me. Little did I know that it would take me 2 years to find one. Where I live there is about 7 dance studios that offer ballet, but at the time no one was teaching adult/teen beginners and no one seemed to like the idea of me joining in with 7 year olds and at the time I could not afford private classes. My search did not stop in my local area, oh no, I looked everywhere and the only places I could find were an hours drive away and I don’t have a car!

So now, 2 years after I started the search for a studio, I have a job and make enough money for a 1 hour private class a week at my local studio which I started at 2 weeks ago. So you may be wondering why I am starting to blog about it? Well I am a member of a dance community called and after posting on there about my first 2 classes a friend of mine said that I should make it into a blog. So here it is!

I will post my original posts on here from and then, next week after my next class, I will be blogging either right after my class or the day after.

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  1. I've started this year too, but i'm 21. I didn't started before because i thought that only as a child was possible. I regret of that. However, this january i decidede to begun my first ballet class, then when my university classes started i thought that i would have to leave the ballet, but when i talk to the teacher she said that she wouldn't mind to have me in her ballet class for children. I feel like Billy Elliot, but i don't mind. I love ballet and i want to learn. I even practice early in the morning (i wake up 5 or 6 a.m.).
    I improve a lot, i can even brush the floor whit my fingers. I thing i couldn't do last december.
    I'm sure if you practice a lot and because is something you really want it, you will get want you want.

    I'm sorry about my english, but i'm a spanish speaker. I hope you can understan what i wrote.

  2. this is so weird. i always wanted to do ballet or some activty snce i was always so restless. But my parents never had the time or money and they thought my education was more important. So this year at 19 I decded to spend some of my graduation gift money on something I wanted to do snce for 18 years of my lfe I wasnt able to. I took a bellydancing class! was ntroduced to it n gym class in middle school. anyway turns out its really fun and simlar to ballet so I wanted to try that out to. but m to nervous to sign up becuase i feel im too old. but i think im going to sign up for an intro mini session. defnetly want to hear about ur experience

  3. by the way do u have any dance experience because i do not

  4. OMG! your story is very similar to mine i couldn't believe ittt. When i was little,like in my primary school,my mom once asked me do i want to do ballet or not but then i was a very shy kid and i refused to do ballet because i know that i have to go to classes and meet a lot of new people. But when i was 13 y'o, i realized that i like ballet a lot. i started to read ballet books,watch ballet videos,etc. Then i beg my mom to put me into ballet class. Then i get the chance to have some 1 day trial in this ballet school near my house. But i was teach with girls that are very young than me and they already study choreography and i really confused,don't know what to do and i remember feeling very ashamed because i felt like i didn't exist in that class. i was very dissappointed than choose not to continue to study ballet anymore. but same like you,the urge to learn ballet has never really gone away. Now,i'm 20 y'o and the day after tomorrow i'm going to come to trial class again in one of the ballet school (different than the one i came when i was 13) near my house. I'm so excited but afraid at the same time because i know i already missed a lot. i'm hoping that i can improve fast and continue to learn ballet! wish of luck to you! :D

  5. Hi! I just want to ask if there is also grade levels for adult beginners. I'm 22 years old and being a ballerina is also my dream but i really don't know where to start