Friday, August 20, 2010

I just got out of my very first class!


I am new to and as the title shows Ballet! Tonight was my very first class in ballet and I have to say that I LOVE it! I am 19 years old and over weight and I had so much fun tonight! I was in a private class (because where I live there are no adult beginner classes and I have never done ballet before and I didn’t want to dance with 7 year olds and scare all the little kiddies haha. I did a little barre and some turnout exercises and then we did a little on jumps in the centre and the one main thing I discovered is that I am like a baby elephant! I was all over the place! I almost fell flat on my face at one point. But my teacher was great and didn’t care about my size or my lack of skill or grace and I cant wait until I go back next week and try to dance some more!
Thanks for reading and I would love to hear from you!

Well it the first day after my first ever ballet class (and my first post on here) and I am so thankful to the lovely people on here that have given me encouragement. Just to answer some of the questions and comments that have been said.
1) I am lucky to have private classes, although my bank account does not love it, so much money!
2) I am going to be going every Thursday night from next week onwards so I will probably put some updates on here for how I am going
3) My calves are killing me! lol they weren’t that bad when I got up this morning but when I walked to the bus stop I almost died hahaha
well I think that is all I have to say for now except for another big thanks and big hugs to all that replied I hope to hear from you all again soon!


  1. That's how I felt after my first cross country practice haha. I wish I could take classes but I have NO time. :( We even have beginner's classes at the university but I can't stay on campus until 10 pm two days of the week T-T

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  3. Hi! So I'm 18 and I have had ballet experience when I was younger but unfortunately I couldn't continue. I also got accepted in a performing arts school but it was A LOT of money and couldn't go. My senior year I took a ballet class at my school and got a bit more flexibility. But I really love contemporary and jazz and lyrical but I can never find any older classes (a tad insecure to be dancing with younger kids) Where do you dance at? And advice for an older dancer?